Friday, 5 August 2016

Lynette's mosaic featured in Adver article

 Stephen Davy-Osborn is giving us some fabulous publicity with articles in the Swindon Advertiser, today's was the sixth, according to my links saved on the website
It makes a huge difference to spread the word about open studios so as many people know as possible that this fabulous event is happening over the first two weekends of September.
 Here's the link to today's article:
There were also some photos of Lynette's mosaic work:
 and this one
Make sure you see Lynette's work in the Beehive from the first weekend in September, if you want to buy a piece, go early, they sell fast.
Here's Lynette working in her studio:
and there was a photo of the committee holding newly available brochures:
featuring of course Lynette's mosaic on the front:
while the committee were gathered together minus Caroline Day who had forgotten about the photograph, we had a photo with the banner:
I've used this on Twitter and Facebook, I prefer the summer one to the last one we had with the banner where we were all shivering.

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