Thursday, 25 August 2016

Old Town Art Trail part 2

From the Croft Gallery, we walked along the High Street taking in GlamoRose Cake shop where Carmen B Norris has 2 pictures in the window:
 More of Carmen's work can be seen at the Central Library, Venue 31, during the first two weekends of September.
 Next to Francis George Solicitors, a few doors away from GlamoRose where we saw David Robinson's linocut for the Swindon 175 art trail  held in May this year. David will be exhinbiting form his studio in Gorse Hill, Venue 23
 On the corner of High St and Wood St, Miller & Holland Hairdressing have a selection of Franc Murphy's work on display, a painting
 and 2 sculptures. Here's Angela Atkinson taking a good look at them and asking questions I couldn't answer. To get answers, go and see Franc at Venue 3, Eastcott Studios
 Across the road from Miller & Holland is BellaJoJo's Pet Boutique & Spa where we saw 3 of Pat Elmore's pieces. Pat is also artist of the month at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
 Crossing the road again, with darkness beginning to descend, here's Sarah Church outside Run Swindon. During open studios weekends, Sarah can be found in the Central Library, Venue 31.
 Getting even more ridiculously hard to see, here's Deb Battaglia's work in Balula's. I'll put some photos of Deb's work in a separate blog post so you can get a better idea. Deb will be opening from her studio in Kingsdown, Venue 12.
 Crossing over again to Old Town Hardware, you can see the work of Christine Tipper who will be exhibiting from her studio in Liden, Venue 15
 And below Christine's work is a tangled ink abstract by Lynne Forrester who will be exhibiting from Bradenstoke Village Hall, Venue 18.
I'm going to stop there, and put the rest of the photos in Part 3.

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