Saturday, 20 August 2016

SOS Individual's Invitations Part 4

Invitations are still arriving, we've never had so many individual ones, it's great. Please keep them coming if you haven't made yours yet. They are so good.
I'm going to start with David Robinson's invitation which invites you to his studio in Omdurman Street, and also lets you know he has an exhibition in 1801 and has work in Francis George in the High St.:
 He's also made a guide to Swindon for anyone not familiar with the town. This is an invaluable piece of work isn't it? I think Mark Worrall's work will also be on display.
Next Susan Carr and Terry Humphries' invitation, they are exhibiting in the Old Town Gardens on both Saturdays and from Greenmeadow on Sundays
Beverley Greig will be showing her abstract paintings inspired by local landscapes at the Core throughout September:
 and Brenda Lammin is exhibiting at 123, Goddard Avenue:

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