Monday, 8 August 2016

The SOS Article in Wiltshire Life

We eagerly awaited the September edition of Wiltshire Life which was published this weekend, hoping that we were featured in there, and yes, sure enough we are featured in a fabulous 2 page spread. It's also marvelous because it's a 70th anniversary edition of the magazine, so it's extra special. If you visit the website, you can see if you subscribe you get a special offer on cover price.
It's worth buying, not only because it's a souvenir issue, and we're in it, but because there's lots of other interesting information, for example a fascinating piece on Lord Joel Joffe, one on Avebury and lots more.
 Featured are from the top, a bowl by Sam Silverton and Caroline Day beside a painting, then there's the bandstand in Old Town Gardens painted by Susan Carr, St.Ives by Nadine Gould and bottom left a photo of Pat Elmore with one of her sculptures, and on the right, a painting of blue Clematis by Deb Battaglia.
Below a lovely written piece with another piece of ceramic by Sam Silverton
And here's the front cover:
They've done us proud, so pleased to be featured in this gorgeous glossy magazine.

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