Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tributes to Two SOS Artists

I am saddened that two of our very popular artists are not able to take part this year because they are no longer with us. This is of course bound to happen at some stage, but to lose two people in one year is very sad.
We thought that we would like to remember them by having a piece of their work on display, and some memories of them alongside the work.
David Morse made giant metal sculptures which resided in his garden; they charmed visitors, and word quickly got around that his house at the edge of Wroughton village was the place to visit to see these magnificent beasts. He also produced some beautiful paintings and glasswork, here it's a painting that is represented, a print of the painting is in the Beehive on Prospect Hill.
 Here's the print:
 and the words with one of the last photos of David:

 and here are the two together in the top bar at the Beehive:
 Jonathan Paget known for his wry humor when it came to representing situations in his life, was a very popular artist who also painting beautiful local scenes like the watercolour of The Bandstand at the Town Gardens on display at Minuteman in Newport Street, with some information about him.
and words for Jonathan:
The walk around Old Town Trail starting at 7pm on Tuesday 23 August at the Marriott Hotel will end at the Beehive, and take in Minuteman Press.

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