Thursday, 29 September 2016

Susan And Terry's Open House

Not having been able to visit Susan Carr and Terry Humphries Open Studio, I was pleased to be able to take advantage of their open Sunday the week after Swindon Open Studios.
Their house is beautifully arranged to show their glorious en plein air paintings to great advantage.
I took lots of photos:
 I particularly liked this painting by Susan, 'Portishead, sailing through storms'
 and this one by Terry, 'St.Ives'
 So much to choose from
 so many beautiful paintings

 Below some of Susan's portraits
 and Terry's work:
 and of course, it's the talking to each other that is the point of open studios:
and this very apt quote from Byron:
I bought lots of cards and a mounted print of Terry's Bath Road painting which he donated to our SOS Postcard Lottery in May, you can see it propped up on the right.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Open Studios at The Willows

On Sunday morning before opening here, I went over to have a look at The Willows open studios where artists Marilyn Trew, Ruth Wintle and Lisa Lane were exhibiting their paintings, prints and other things they had made in a room at the right hand side of the fascinating building.
Their open studio was clearly labelled:
 and paintings all hung very professionally on stands, easels and the walls.
 Above Ruth Wintle's lovely work with an outdoors feel
 VWs take us away, and Marilyn Trew's work below with a large selection of cards

 Above Ruth beside her work, with Lisa Lane's work on the easel and wall behind her.
 There was a brass band setting up for the afternoon, although you can't really see much of that from the photo.
 Here's one of Marilyn's cards which I liked and bought.
Guided tours were available of The Willows, but I had to get back home for Tim Carroll's open studio. I'm hoping to do a tour another time, I'm particularly looking forward to the view from the top. I wonder if it's a listed building?

Lynne Forrester in Bradenstoke Village Hall

Although by 6.30pm, I was ready to call it a day, Lynne Forrester who lives in Bradenstoke, and was exhibiting in the village hall there, had a special late night opening on the 10 September until 7pm, so I called on Jane and asked if she could come along to keep me company.
I was really glad we'd made the effort, Lynne had put on a glorious show, although I realise I haven't taken many photos.
 Here's Lynne talking to Jane, and below with some pictures in the background
 Lynne had lots of cards for sale
 I bought some cards and a cake recipe book.
 Lynne has spent lots of time on the Isle of Skye; this painting depicts North Uist from the Isle of Skye. While we were there, Lynne also said goodbye, she's moving away, so we can now only watch her progress via Facebook and Twitter
While looking to include Jane on the Tweet share, I found this much better photo of Lynne and her work on her Twitter feed, I hope it's OK to share it:

Caroline Day's Open Studio

The third venue in Goddard Avenue, or the first, depending on which way you traveled down it, was Caroline Day's studio.
I arrived there an hour after she had closed her doors to visitors, but she kindly opened her shutters and reorganised the rooms to replicate what visitors had seen during the day. Caroline was cooking tea when I arrived, so the children and husband looked a bit surprised I'd come so late.
I'm going to start with the last photograph I took because it gives you a great idea of Caroline's personality. At 6pm she can welcome me into her home and stand in her studio and give a welcoming smile; and this is the point of open studios, not to arrive late, but it's a meet the artist.
And consider why they paint what they do. Caroline paints lots of exuberant flower paintings of hydrangeas, magnolias and sunflowers:
 There is lots of reflection off the glass on these prints. The real hydrangea paintings are on loan to Burford Garden Company
 I took some general photos around the rooms:
 Caroline has lino cuts for sale, as well as prints, cards and original artworks
 Here she is arranging the magnolia series of paintings
 More prints:
 all beautifully arranged
 and Caroline's cards on sale at English Heritage shops

Monday, 26 September 2016

Sam Silverton and Andrew Tucker in The Mall

By now it was after 5pm, the general closing time for SOS, but I thought it might be alright to go and photograph the Andrew Tucker's wonderful objects made in wood, and Sam's gorgeous ceramics. I was welcome din despite the hour and offered a lager, but with a trip to Bradenstoke before 7pm to see Lynne Forrester, I had to decline.
Here are Sam's ceramic jugs, tiles, bowls and assorted other things
 And larger things:
I tried to capture people:
 Above Julie Tucker looking at the ceramics and Sam rushing out of the photo!
Below a rather good photo of Andrew:
And have a look at what he had on show this year:
 Above a lampholder with more of Sam's ceramics, and below, assorted small wooden things
 A beautiful stool
 Toilet roll holder and wooden platters
 Isn't this lovely?
 I loved these stools, particularly the corner one, it does fit wonderfully in that position in the Tuckers' house, would we find room for it? The wood is so beautiful.
And last but not least, a glorious Tradescantia:

Nicola Day and Brenda Lammin's Open Studio

From Mammy Wagon, I visited Nicola and Brenda, and looked at Nicola's paintings and mosaics in the front room
and more pictures and Brenda just visible in the right of the picture
 and here's Nicola, below, sitting down at the end of a hectic day of open studios
 In the back room there were Brenda's portraits on show, and
 her wonderful poppies, the question was do you you like the red
 or the yellow poppy best?
I didn't resolve that conundrum, but Martin Newman did, he bought the red one.