Thursday, 22 September 2016

Benoit Philippe at Richard Jefferies Museum

From Highworth, and on the way to John Maskalaniec's house in Liden, I stopped at the Richard Jefferies Museum next door to the Sun Inn at Coate where Benoit Philippe had an exhibition of his paintings. Benoit was also there last year, it's a wonderful place to show his work because he harmonises wonderfully with the living world and different environments in the same sort of way that  Jefferies' legacy lives on within the building.
  I took lots of photographs, but didn't make a note of the titles, or where they were painted, I think this is because I was talking to Benoit and taking photos at the same time, so apologies for lack of detail. I loved the irises shown above, and took another photo of them with other paintings below
 These two paintings were on a settee

 This painting below was is of the waterfall at Bowood House

 Above right a painting of Monet's house at Giverny, and below the Richard Jefferies Museum
 There were some lovely paintings on the stairs, I particularly liked the hen and
 the goose
 And here's Benoit with the painting he was currently working on
 Always a pleasure to visit the RJ Museum, especially during Swindon Open Studios

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