Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Caroline Day's Open Studio

The third venue in Goddard Avenue, or the first, depending on which way you traveled down it, was Caroline Day's studio.
I arrived there an hour after she had closed her doors to visitors, but she kindly opened her shutters and reorganised the rooms to replicate what visitors had seen during the day. Caroline was cooking tea when I arrived, so the children and husband looked a bit surprised I'd come so late.
I'm going to start with the last photograph I took because it gives you a great idea of Caroline's personality. At 6pm she can welcome me into her home and stand in her studio and give a welcoming smile; and this is the point of open studios, not to arrive late, but it's a meet the artist.
And consider why they paint what they do. Caroline paints lots of exuberant flower paintings of hydrangeas, magnolias and sunflowers:
 There is lots of reflection off the glass on these prints. The real hydrangea paintings are on loan to Burford Garden Company
 I took some general photos around the rooms:
 Caroline has lino cuts for sale, as well as prints, cards and original artworks
 Here she is arranging the magnolia series of paintings
 More prints:
 all beautifully arranged
 and Caroline's cards on sale at English Heritage shops

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