Friday, 9 September 2016

Deborah Battaglia's Studio Last Tuesday

Passing by Deborah Battaglia's studio in Kingsdown Road last Tuesday, after Terry Court's moving funeral at the Crematorium, I thought I'd go and find out about her first open studios weekend.
I'm concerned that I won't get round all the studios tomorrow when I'm going to look at as many studios as possible and take photos.
At least I've visited Deborah's open studio and have some photos. Since my last visit, the flowers have grown so tremendously tall and luscious that you can hardly see her studio from the house::
 Here's a close up of the right hand side:
 and left hand side of the path:
and a close up of the flowers:
 which have crept into this painting of a dancer:
The parallels between the garden and the paintings are amazing
 The tulips aren't in flower now, but glow out of the canvas in the studio
 Here are a couple more photos of the inside of the studio:
 and look what I saw on the table, one of the lino cuts I'd seen on Facebook months ago.
 I went back into the house to look at more paintings, bought some cards
 looked at framed prints
And went out to the studio to look again at the lino cut. I love it for the sheer exuberance of the colours and appreciation of the flowers so I bought it:

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