Monday, 26 September 2016

Eastcott Studios Visit

We are very fortunate that Jo McAree has not only opened the former George pub as a wonderfully arty place, but also offered space to other artists as part of SOS.
To see what Jo does, please visit to find out more about the workshops held at Eastcott Studios.  I took lots of photos of Jo in the pottery room as she explained about what had been made recently
 and smiling for the camera!
 More things waiting to be fired
 and here's one somebody made earlier
and there were people making things:
from there I went back into the main room where I saw Emily May with her work and bought some more of her gorgeous cards
 And here is Emily with her work
 and here's Rosie Leather with her amazing silver jewellery. Having seen her rings on Facebook
I was very keen to have one; I loved the chunky rings, but in the end opted for 3 stacking rings which I love. Fro some reason I haven't got close ups of the rings.
 And Franc Murphy has fared even worse, there's a vague photo of him in front of his sculptures
 and another one in front of a seascape
 Here's a general one of the room, you can see some of Elmar Rubio's photos, but he wasn't there when I visited.
 This is probably a better photo of Rosie.
 Great creative space, not shown at its best by these photos, I was flagging a bit by now with lots more places to visit yet!!

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