Thursday, 22 September 2016

John Maskalaniec's Open Studio

John has taken part in Swindon Open Studios for several years now, I particularly enjoy his wry sense of humour and enthusiasm for painting. He doesn't seem to mind if I appreciate some pieces of work, and don't like others. Here he is in his studio, a bit surprised to be photographed:
I was pleased to be able to use his Monty Don painting on one of our posters this year, it was something about the painting that really worked well, you can see it here:
 I found Liddington Hill depicted below Monty harder to appreciate, and hoped John didn't mind. By contrast John also paints in a different style altogether
 although not often, here are some more examples of his work
 some people will recognise the still life to the left of the socket as one we used in the Swindon Festival of literature brochure 2 years ago.
 an exuberant vase of flowers
 and in the garden there were some glorious bell flowered Clematis.
 and this sculpture expressing frustration at the use of the motor car and the consequent effects on the environment
Lovely open studio.

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