Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Lynne Forrester in Bradenstoke Village Hall

Although by 6.30pm, I was ready to call it a day, Lynne Forrester who lives in Bradenstoke, and was exhibiting in the village hall there, had a special late night opening on the 10 September until 7pm, so I called on Jane and asked if she could come along to keep me company.
I was really glad we'd made the effort, Lynne had put on a glorious show, although I realise I haven't taken many photos.
 Here's Lynne talking to Jane, and below with some pictures in the background
 Lynne had lots of cards for sale
 I bought some cards and a cake recipe book.
 Lynne has spent lots of time on the Isle of Skye; this painting depicts North Uist from the Isle of Skye. While we were there, Lynne also said goodbye, she's moving away, so we can now only watch her progress via Facebook and Twitter
While looking to include Jane on the Tweet share, I found this much better photo of Lynne and her work on her Twitter feed, I hope it's OK to share it:

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