Monday, 26 September 2016

Mammy Wagon in Goddard Avenue

I was nearing the end of my visits when I reached Goddard Avenue, where there were 3 studios open, showing the work of 4 artists.
The first one was Mammy Wagon who says of her work 'My work is a one off, individual pieces of crochet, both tactile and inspired by the Mammy Wagon way of life. From key rings to clothing, inspired by Africa and South Pacific.'
She operates out of a small and beautifully appointed studio; I was transfixed, wherever I looked there were delightful, beautifully made things. The dresses hanging on the wall immediately caught my eye:
 and here's a close up of the one I particularly loved. It's made from 4 different pieces of Indian cotton
 These can be made to order, so I have ordered one, and will visit again to have my measurements taken, and then will look forward to wearing a completely individually designed and perfectly fitted garment. Here I am wearing the one on the wall:
I loved the order on the shelves

 and this cupboard
 and if you look carefully you can see this is a mirror
 And here's the creator of all this: Mammy Wagon aka Philippa Jones
On my way out I saw this beautiful wedding dress with photos of the bride wearing the dress on the cupboards behind.
 A wonderful studio


  1. Thank you for such a lovely article. Feel very blessed.

  2. I had a lovely visit, you were so welcoming and inspiring