Monday, 26 September 2016

Mike and Niki Harrison's Delights

Mike and Niki's house can be found very close to the Link Centre and I realise that in order to help visitors to visit an area where they haven't been before, it's a good idea to give some directions. I was pleasantly surprised that I found their house so easily from the map on paper I'd made from Google maps.
Niki showed me around a great variety of things that they do. I think Mike is the photographer and Niki, although taking photographs herself, also makes lots of other things.
We started in the marquee in the garden where there were a selection of painted mannequins 
 and seascapes and landscapes painted in oils and acrylics.

 Two more mannequins
 and inside there were prints
 and a whole lot of lino cutting materials, Niki was working with gold leaf when I went round there
 here are some of her lino cuts
 and her workspace
 and here's Niki with some of her prints including the fabulous fish on the wall.
 There was a print room and a lot of ink, and then the studio where photographs are taken.
I asked Niki to oblige and sit for me.
A lovely place to visit.

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