Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Open Studios at The Willows

On Sunday morning before opening here, I went over to have a look at The Willows open studios where artists Marilyn Trew, Ruth Wintle and Lisa Lane were exhibiting their paintings, prints and other things they had made in a room at the right hand side of the fascinating building.
Their open studio was clearly labelled:
 and paintings all hung very professionally on stands, easels and the walls.
 Above Ruth Wintle's lovely work with an outdoors feel
 VWs take us away, and Marilyn Trew's work below with a large selection of cards

 Above Ruth beside her work, with Lisa Lane's work on the easel and wall behind her.
 There was a brass band setting up for the afternoon, although you can't really see much of that from the photo.
 Here's one of Marilyn's cards which I liked and bought.
Guided tours were available of The Willows, but I had to get back home for Tim Carroll's open studio. I'm hoping to do a tour another time, I'm particularly looking forward to the view from the top. I wonder if it's a listed building?

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