Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Open Studios Visits - starting with Bee Operanto

Saturday 10 September was the day I'd put aside to visit, and take photographs of as many venues as possible. I don't have a sat nav in my car, so spent the first part of the day making a Google search of the postcodes from the brochure, and then set out in torrential rain for Bee Operanto's studio, passing Deb Battaglia's house on the way, having visited her the previous Tuesday.
It took me a little while to find Crematorium House, off Kingsdown Road, and right through Kingsdown Park, on a level with the crematorium. Signs had not been put out because of the rain!! I rang Bee and got directions, access had been blocked by a Sainsburys van.
Bee has an amazing range of work on show, and a beautiful garden with delightful bantam hens running around, quite oblivious of the rain.
I'm going to start with Bee's ceramic Arabian horse's head, it was my favourite piece
 and now I'll go back to the beginning of the guided tour, here's Bee holding one of her degree pieces
 One of Bee's paintings 'Golden Chain of Thought', also available as a print
 Bee has made a number of pots with holes in them, she had a name for them which I've forgotten
 This piece is 'Clockwork Pony I' it's ceramic
 One from the Saxo collection
 Here's a lovely view of Eddie's mushroom sculpture which I'd love to have seen in the garden if it hadn't been raining so hard. Lynette Thomas has taken a wonderful photo of Eddie with his mushrooms.
 And here's Bee's actual studio, a lovely work space
 There's too much reflection to see these pictures properly, but I really liked them, so wanted to include them

 I also wanted to include Dylan and friends, above and below. Fabulous first visit, thank you Bee and Eddie.

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