Monday, 26 September 2016

Sam Silverton and Andrew Tucker in The Mall

By now it was after 5pm, the general closing time for SOS, but I thought it might be alright to go and photograph the Andrew Tucker's wonderful objects made in wood, and Sam's gorgeous ceramics. I was welcome din despite the hour and offered a lager, but with a trip to Bradenstoke before 7pm to see Lynne Forrester, I had to decline.
Here are Sam's ceramic jugs, tiles, bowls and assorted other things
 And larger things:
I tried to capture people:
 Above Julie Tucker looking at the ceramics and Sam rushing out of the photo!
Below a rather good photo of Andrew:
And have a look at what he had on show this year:
 Above a lampholder with more of Sam's ceramics, and below, assorted small wooden things
 A beautiful stool
 Toilet roll holder and wooden platters
 Isn't this lovely?
 I loved these stools, particularly the corner one, it does fit wonderfully in that position in the Tuckers' house, would we find room for it? The wood is so beautiful.
And last but not least, a glorious Tradescantia:

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