Monday, 26 September 2016

Seven Artists at the Central Library

The Central Library has accommodated open studios artists so well over the years, it's a pleasure to exhibit in there, with the drum by the front entrance making an ideal place to meet and greet people, and then there's lots of opportunities inside, and a brilliant gallery space behind the cafe.
Six out of the seven artists produce hanging work, and so arranged a beautiful exhibition for the gallery space, and then some of them spent time in the library encouraging people to visit the gallery, while others were ready to discuss their work.
Here's Rachel Coyle who produces lovely fused glass scenes with a fishy or nautical theme and some sumptuous jewellery
 all beautifully displayed
 Next to Rachel Coyle in the drum is Carole Humphreys who produces meticulously rendered fantasy, dreamy scenes inspired by legend and Carole's imagination.
 Here's an example of one of her drawings
 Carole has relatively recently begun making dolls, I particularly loved these horse dolls
 Above the back, and below the face
 On walking onto the library itself, I came across Carmen B Norris ready to greet people. Carmen has taken some lovely photos for her blog which are much better than mine, so do have a look.
 Here's a large mixed media piece Carmen was displaying:
 And so onto the rest of the artists in the corridor:
Sarah Church is in the foreground, with Olivia Frost seated

 And here's Dona Bradley below with her fabulous prints above. I couldn't resist her beautiful calendars and cards.

 Here's Olivia Frost's table, Olivia had something for everyone's budget, I loved the hand made present labels seen above and bought some of those.
 As you can see, Olivia's cards were very reasonably priced
 Sarah Church sat down beside her table of work to be photographed
 I bought a card of the Swimmer, a memorable image.
Philip Robinson wasn't present on Saturday 10 September when I took these photos, so can't be represented on this occasion, although we were very grateful for his ideas on allocation of floor and wall space. I'd never thought about space in the way Philip does.

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