Thursday, 29 September 2016

Susan And Terry's Open House

Not having been able to visit Susan Carr and Terry Humphries Open Studio, I was pleased to be able to take advantage of their open Sunday the week after Swindon Open Studios.
Their house is beautifully arranged to show their glorious en plein air paintings to great advantage.
I took lots of photos:
 I particularly liked this painting by Susan, 'Portishead, sailing through storms'
 and this one by Terry, 'St.Ives'
 So much to choose from
 so many beautiful paintings

 Below some of Susan's portraits
 and Terry's work:
 and of course, it's the talking to each other that is the point of open studios:
and this very apt quote from Byron:
I bought lots of cards and a mounted print of Terry's Bath Road painting which he donated to our SOS Postcard Lottery in May, you can see it propped up on the right.

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