Thursday, 8 September 2016

SOS Exhibition in the Central Library

There won't be time to visit all venues on Saturday, so I'm cutting corners a bit by visiting places in advance of Saturday. I started off by going in to have a look at the Central Library exhibition in the Corridor Gallery behind the cafe.
The first thing you notice is the striking pop up banner we had made at Minuteman Press in Newport Street. They can do one for you like this for £69, do go and have a chat to James, Mark or Sarah about any printing requirements.
 The exhibition has been beautifully hung, lots were drawn to establish the order of hanging. Artists will be mostly present during library opening hours this Saturday and Sunday, and the exhibition remains in the Central Library corridor until the end of September.
 Above Dona Bradley's prints, and below Carmen B Norris's pictures
 Carole Humphreys paintings, and she will have dolls at the weekend

 Above Olivia Frost's paintings and below Sarah Church's prints and paintings
 Below Philip Robinson's watercolours
 And below Jacquie Primrose's garden mosaics in Kablooms in Devizes Road, don't they look lovely with the light behind them? I tried to photograph them during the walk round the Art in Windows in August but failed because it was dark by then.

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