Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tim Carroll at the Old Town Co-op

There's a wonderful wall for displaying art at the Old Town Co-op cafe, after negotiations with the manager, Caroline Day gained permission for Swindon Open Studios artists to hang exhibitions on the wall. It may be that this is the best space in Swindon to hang paintings.
Do go and have a look when you're in the Co-op, you'll also find the prices in there very reasonable, and the atmosphere relaxing and friendly.
Here are a few photos of the current exhibition featuring figurative and floral paintings by Tim Carroll
firstly the whole wall:
 on the left you can see some ceramic pieces which are in fact mermaids, aren't they gorgeous?
 the floral paintings can be seen in close up with 'Icarus' bottom left and 'Tipo's tiger' bottom right
 Below this time you can see some of Tim's interlocking figures, an amazing 12 on the left, and to the right of that the more usual 4 people, and on the right, 2 painted cutouts of interlocking figures
 More people, this time a 'Shopper' and 'Antony and Cleopatra'
 Next to the mermaids, 'Women in a Tree' and 'The Dancers'
It's a lovely exhibition.

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