Monday, 7 November 2016

Caroline Day at Burford Garden Centre

It's always a pleasure to visit Burford Garden Centre complex
there's so much to enjoy from indoor and outdoor plants, sheds, exotic garden structures, clothes, wonderful furniture and an art gallery.
Caroline Day has taken some of her paintings to Burford Garden Centre where they are displayed in the lovely cafe area where the food is delicious and the displays similarly well thought out.
Above Hydrangeas and below a close up of the painting on the left hand side
There are also very tasteful vases and dried seed heads beside this painting

More flower paintings in the cafe, the one below is particularly lusciously painted
Below a painting of lilies and leaves
and here are the three paintings just photographed in situ in the cafe with customers eating below them
And from the cafe, we made a short detour round the wonderful garden rooms and clothes to the art gallery area there we saw Caroline's big sunflower painting, with cherry blossoms either side and a big new Hydrangea painting Caroline had just delivered.
Below a close up of the sunflowers in their full glory.
It's well worth a visit, do go and have a look.
There's also a free car park in Burford from where you can explore the beautiful rolling countryside. The berries this year are magnificent:
 and St. Oswald's Church set in a field one of the loveliest places, but quite crowded when we were there
On a visit to Marlborough last Friday for the opening night of the exhibition at the Mount House Gallery, Marlborough College of photographs and records of 749 World War 1, casualties of former Marlborough College students, the gallery was beautifully decorated with enlarged and coloured photos of the men:
Photo courtesy of Sasha Ward
It was a lovely evening and well worth visiting the exhibition. Afterwards we went in to the Wellington pub in the High Street in Marlborough and saw more Caroline Day paintings and prints.

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