Saturday, 12 November 2016

Delivering Paintings to Imaginiation in Bath

On a glorious day recently, Tim Carroll delivered some paintings to the beautiful Imagianation Gallery in Bath. We'd usually travel by train to Bath, but delivering paintings meant we needed the car, having dropped them off at the gallery, we found a convenient car park by the cricket ground, and headed to the Victoria Art Gallery along North Parade Road, passing the lovely toll houses on the way.
The one on the right, seen here from below, had a sign in the window in the door, as we went to have a look, we were encouraged to enter by the person inside who has just been busy painting the interior several shades of grey. It's a fascinating space, on three floors with another huge area available under the road, and can be hired soon, unfortunately I've lost the details, so can't say any more here!
Walking along beside the river towards Pulteney Bridge, I took a few photos looking forward and backwards
We then went into the Victoria Art Gallery to look at the Kenneth Armitage exhibition which runs until 27th November, it's a fabulous exhibition with lots of pieces of sculpture and some paintings. While we were there, I also went to look at the permanent collection and on the way out this collection of pottery and porcelain dogs caught my eye.

Aren't they fabulous?

On the way out, looking down the river, the trees with lots of leaves left despite the fact it was early November just had to be captured on camera.
I'll look up the gallery on North Parade Road next time I visit.

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