Monday, 28 November 2016

Exciting day out Imagianation Gallery and RWA

Visiting galleries in Bath and Bristol on Saturday was maybe a bit optimistic, especially as we intended to spend the afternoon in Portishead. Arriving at the Imagianation Gallery in Bath by 11am was relatively easily accomplished.
It was lovely to see Tim Carroll's work on the walls:
 above three women in a tree, and below Caroline Day's blue hydrangeas
 and below people on a seaside jaunt
We'd gone there to hand over some ceramics pieces to the gallery via Katie Ackrill, seen below with Tim, although I took 5 photos, none show their faces, this is probably the best one:
 And here are the lovely ceramics pieces:
let's hope they find happy homes soon.
 Caroline's hydrangeas looked stunning in there, and this mosaic of stained glass and porcelain by Wendy Perrott of the 'Lemon Tree' was a covetable piece.
From the Imagianation Gallery, we decided to take the shorter route to Bristol via Keynsham which was a mistake, it took over an hour of sitting in traffic before we arrived at the RWA to look at the 164 Annual Open exhibition.
It's a fabulously imposing building

 Tim's painting was a long one, and despite being given a high spot, had a red dot beside it, how exciting!

 Looking back a bit, you can see it's very high up:
Who else had work in there?
 Yes, it's Kurt Jackson RWA 'Rain, Sun, Sleet, Hail, Tintagel Island, Arthur's Castle, 2013 Mixed media.

 Cynthia Lear RWA, also caught my attention with Mixed Irises above and Fritillaries below

 And this was immediately recognisable as one of Sarah Purvey's pieces
 as was this, Mary-Jane Evan's piece below, she won the Sculpture prize sponsored by Pangolin Editions and will have the opportunity to have her work cast in bronze:
Here's another familiar artist, it's Meg Buick, with Dog III, it's a 50 edition lithograph

 And on the way out, a general view of the main gallery
 The exhibition is now over, so please have a look at their website to find out what's on now.

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