Saturday, 12 November 2016

Walking to Cricklade

It's great to visit places on foot, and then get the bus back, it's possible to walk to Avebury and on to Devizes, Marlborough and Brinkworth along fairly good routes, however the walk to Cricklade wasn't as easy. Having walked to Mouldon Hill, the disused railway line goes to directly to Cricklade, and should be easy to walk along if it weren't for the Blunsdon railway, which is obviously a fine organisation giving pleasure to many. It does mean that a large part of the route to Cricklade has to be made along B roads with fast traffic along them.
This spindle tree was gorgeous, and opposite Crosslanes Farm there were lovely apple trees

and a fabulous oak tree
It was a great relief when we reached the Cycle route 45 at Dudgemore Farm which took us along a decommissioned part of the old railway and into Cricklade

Although the trip was given as 9.3 miles on Google, we made it in two and a half hours, probably because we hurried along the roads.

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