Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Boxing and Christmas Lights

There's quite a bit of catching up to do, with Christmas festivities getting in the way of keeping this blog up to date. I hope you've enjoyed the celebrations and are looking forward to the lengthening days of 2017.
Before Christmas, I went to hear Kelly Morgan talk to the Swindon Feminist Network meeting, I don't know anything about boxing, but guessed it must involve being fairly fit and determined to succeed, to even get noticed.
Kelly is Swindon's only professional female boxer, and one of 5 in the UK. She has also thrown javelins for the country, and taken part in other professional sport; for 12 years, she was in the army, and navy, and ended up in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, she also served in Iraq and Afganistan.Here's a recent photo of Kelly:
 Kelly wasn't sure when her next fight will be, but it will be interesting to follow her career, and also to find out what else the Swindon Feminist Network get involved in sharing.
 On the way out, I saw their lovely banner, and took a photo, unfortunately chopping off the faces of the people holding it. On the way home from Eastcott Hill, it was lovely to see the lights, below outside the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in Bath Road
 and the entrance to Wood Street which looks so lovely:
 I think I should have taken a few more, maybe I can add to these photos.

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