Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Preparing for Tim Carroll's Christmas Open Studio

I say this loosely, I'm not really preparing much, although I have bought some lager, wine, tea and 2kg of mincemeat to make mince pies. Apart from that, I'm mostly keeping out of the way of the studio and kiln because Tim is working almost round the clock to get masses of new ceramic items ready for the Tim Carroll Christmas Open Studio this Sunday 18 December from 11am onwards. We will be open as long as we have people wanting to come round, so if you're busy in the day, come round in the evening.
There is an official invitation which I'll post now, and then I'll find some photos taken this week.
 Below these are items which have been made, dried and then fired in the kiln, as you can see there are different colours of clay, some earthenware and others porcelain maybe.
 I particularly like the small vases with people running round them, the one on its side shows a new departure, with raised people wearing beachware.
 Knot patterns seen in paintings, and people going round in circles another feature of Tim's paintings also seen here.
 Below some small items like birds in a bower
 and here is Tim at work, I think he's smoothing off rough edges
 The pieces below have had some glaze applied, ready to go into the kiln again, as you can see, some of the birds will be black!

 It would be great to see you, if you're in the area, on Sunday

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