Saturday, 10 December 2016

Saturday 3 December was a busy day

I don't know what you did last Saturday, but it seemed to be crammed with events happening, a sort of prelude to the excitements of Christmas, and already there's a bit of a lull, or maybe people are on individual rather than collective pursuit of the ideal present.
I took a few photos on the way round a few events, starting with the read in at Old Town library from 11am which was really well attended and once again reminded us all that we'll really miss the expertise of librarians and the delightful Old Town library in the Arts Centre when it closes.
 It's such a lovely space, particularly well set up for small children, talking of small children, well smallish ones, the next stop was the Croft School Christmas fete, seen below, my daughter, Helen, with another mum folding raffle tickets, despite spending £25 I didn't win anything, but they raised £900.
 I then walked to town and onto STEAM where a huge 2 day Christmas market was taking place, on the way in, I passed this painting by Terry Court, who died a couple of months ago, I took a photo of it and the information panel which tells you a bit about Terry.

 I was specifically looking for Jacquie Primrose's stall, it took a bit of finding because as you can see there were masses of stalls
 And finally, here's Jacquie talking to a customer
and here are examples of her fabulous garden mosaics, I particularly like this orange one which looks fabulous when Crocosmia are in flower
 and here are more of them together. How to choose?
 It was very busy at the market, I kept thinking the old workers are real people!!
 Isn't this one great?
 From STEAM, I walked back into town, to Theatre Square where Artsite were having a Christmas market.
 It was held in the Number 9 Gallery, with children's workshops downstairs

 and also at the Post Modern across the way. The mood was festive and there were gorgeous things for sale from many of the Swindon Open Studios artists.
 There was a festive looking tree at the entrance to the building.
 And across the road at Regent Circus, there was a delightful artisan market in the space at the front
Isn't that a perfect spot for a market? Let's hope we see lots more happening on that area.
Quite a day of galloping about, things seem much quieter this weekend.

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