Sunday, 24 April 2016

Framing Original Artwork for the Lottery

On Friday morning, those committee members who could do so, got together to frame the artwork kindly donated by Swindon Open Studios participants and guest artists including Eileen Cooper RA. The results are fabulous, a big thank you to all those who have taken the time to produce a fabulous piece of work.
The framed artworks will be mounted on boards and hung on the landing at the Arts Centre during the Swindon Festival of Literature . We're hoping to have a grand unveiling at the beginning of the festival, and then people can buy tickets to enter the lottery by taking an envelope, adding their name, address, phone number, email address to it, and putting £2 in an envelope for one entry or £5 for 3 tickets. Profits to Prospect Hospice.
Here are a few photos of the framers
 And here are the framed pictures
 And here are a few photos of the pictures, I think they look really good.

 We did call it a postcard lottery, but have changed the name to 'Original Artwork Lottery' because they are all original pieces of art, not prints.

I wonder if those who donated artwork can find theirs here? I do hope lots of you take part in the lottery. More details when we have them.

Friday, 22 April 2016

TWIGS Open Day Sunday 17 April

It's always lovely to visit TWIGS, but the first spring opening last Sunday was lovely, the sun shone, there was a great selection of plants to buy, the gardens looked fabulous, there was a stamper trail for the children, live music and refreshments.
The place was packed and with the grandchildren to chat to, I didn't take carefully judged photos, but here's what I did manage:
 I tried to show the crowds, failed to get a photo of plants for sale

 I did manage to get some good shots of the sky!!
 And this one is quite sweet inside the story telling roundhouse place which they all loved.
In fact we'd all like one in our garden wouldn't we?
I bought 18 plants and gave an SOS Registration Form to Alan, and I think I've added them to the list of participants, although not heard any more!!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Hanging Prints of the 100 Views in the Great Western Hospital Corridor

GWH has a policy to try and get lots of art on the walls of the hospital, Chaplain Steve Henderson, is in charge of this, and is particularly keen to get local artists to put their work up in the corridor which is situated very near the entrance and gets a lot of passing 'traffic'.
When I looked up a link so if people like the look of the wall, they can contact Steve, David Bent's work is featured on the site.
Anyway here are a few photos of the wall, and Tim Carroll putting up the exhibition on the highly secure hanging system.

 Above a print of the Town Gardens Bandstand and below High Street from the Lawns
, looking as if it isn't straight:
 And here's Richard Jefferies' house at Coate

 More rod fixing, and below the finished product, from one way
 and the other

 The exhibition will remain up there until the beginning of June. Prints are £25 each.
 If you click on the link above, you can find out how to exhibit there.

Quenington Rare Plant Fair

This really isn't much to do with the excitement of having 50 artists and groups taking part in SOS 2016, but I'd like to put some photos of the plant fair on the blog. The plant fairs take place during the summer, so have a look at their website, and try and get to one nearby, if you like plants of course! My excuse, if one were needed is that I'm opening my garden on June 19th.
Despite the fact it was rather a dull day, masses of people turned up:
 I tried a photo from across the river through the tree, but you can see the dullness of the day.
 There are masses of bulbs flowering in a wooded area:
 and there are quite a few rather nice seating areas in the garden, and a swimming pool, there's also a lovely vegetable patch and fruit cages
This is what I bought:
 and these are the highlights of my purchases:
 Above Ranunculus Gramiens, and below Primula Hall Barn Blue

 Above Tiarella Spring Symphony, and below a gorgeous Epimedium that wouldn't stop blowing in the wind, it's Amber Queen, I've planted it right by the back door.
 Below a Ligularia Sibirica which if it flowers will be magnificent but I'm not sure I can give it anywhere wet enough.
 Here's Persicaria Red Dragon looking fab
 Another real favourite is this yellow anenome, Anenome lipsiensis
 Lovely aren't they? Now it's a matter of siting them correctly.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wonderful Things about Swindon Open Studios

As we near the closing date for entries, it gets very exciting, with up to 8 people per day joining at the moment. Some are people who've taken part before, and it's great to see the work they've been doing since last September to prepare for this year's SOS, others are new to SOS and people I  know, and have been hoping would join. Then there are the complete newcomers to SOS who I don't know, and it's of course important to make them welcome and help them have a good time taking part.
In addition to the woffle, a blog piece needs images, so here are some taken randomly from images people have sent me.
This arrived today, Sarah Church's 'The Swimmer' watercolour on paper
 Above Caroline Day's 'February Bouquet', and below Deb Battaglia's 'Red Hollyhocks'

 Above Sharon Rich's 'Ancaster Knot' set in her beautiful garden next to Farmer Gow's in Fernham, just beyond Longcot, and below Lynette Thomas's 'White Horse' one of the ceramic pieces being shown at the Beehive for SOS.
And hot from the email, this photo from Anna Stowe arrived half an hour ago:
 And I was very pleased to hear Andrew Tucker is again opening this year showing his beautiful wooden pieces of furniture and objects.
If you haven't yet joined, and you'd like to, please email the above address, or go to the website and download the form and send it to me with your fee.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Postcard Lottery

Artists locally, and further afield have been asked to produce a piece of artwork on paper or card measuring 7'x5' which will then be framed and hung on the Arts Centre landing for the duration of the Swindon Festival of Literature . People attending the events will be invited by Matt Holland to buy a lottery ticket, and then tickets will be taken out of a hat and winners of the pictures notified.
Proceeds from the lottery will go to Prospect Hospice and we will advertise the Swindon Open Studios weekends in September.
Here are the postcards received so far:
 Above the first to arrive, a stunning watercolour by Alex Coppock-Bunce
 Next came Molly Gratland's lovely cat on silk
 and then Stevie Gilmore came along to First Monday of the Month at the Beehive and gave me the owl at night.
 Then yesterday morning, Eileen Cooper's postcard, fresh from her studio at the Keeper's House at the Royal Academy came causing great excitement.
And then by hand, yesterday afternoon Lisa Lane's vase of flowers plopped on the mat.
These are a lovely start, I'm hoping to receive lots more postcards in the next few days. Closing date for postcards is 17 April, why not have a go at making one?