Monday, 28 November 2016

Exciting day out Imagianation Gallery and RWA

Visiting galleries in Bath and Bristol on Saturday was maybe a bit optimistic, especially as we intended to spend the afternoon in Portishead. Arriving at the Imagianation Gallery in Bath by 11am was relatively easily accomplished.
It was lovely to see Tim Carroll's work on the walls:
 above three women in a tree, and below Caroline Day's blue hydrangeas
 and below people on a seaside jaunt
We'd gone there to hand over some ceramics pieces to the gallery via Katie Ackrill, seen below with Tim, although I took 5 photos, none show their faces, this is probably the best one:
 And here are the lovely ceramics pieces:
let's hope they find happy homes soon.
 Caroline's hydrangeas looked stunning in there, and this mosaic of stained glass and porcelain by Wendy Perrott of the 'Lemon Tree' was a covetable piece.
From the Imagianation Gallery, we decided to take the shorter route to Bristol via Keynsham which was a mistake, it took over an hour of sitting in traffic before we arrived at the RWA to look at the 164 Annual Open exhibition.
It's a fabulously imposing building

 Tim's painting was a long one, and despite being given a high spot, had a red dot beside it, how exciting!

 Looking back a bit, you can see it's very high up:
Who else had work in there?
 Yes, it's Kurt Jackson RWA 'Rain, Sun, Sleet, Hail, Tintagel Island, Arthur's Castle, 2013 Mixed media.

 Cynthia Lear RWA, also caught my attention with Mixed Irises above and Fritillaries below

 And this was immediately recognisable as one of Sarah Purvey's pieces
 as was this, Mary-Jane Evan's piece below, she won the Sculpture prize sponsored by Pangolin Editions and will have the opportunity to have her work cast in bronze:
Here's another familiar artist, it's Meg Buick, with Dog III, it's a 50 edition lithograph

 And on the way out, a general view of the main gallery
 The exhibition is now over, so please have a look at their website to find out what's on now.

The Mythic Method

I do recommend visiting the Pallant House Gallery to see their exhibition entitled The Mythic Method- Classicism in British Art 1920-1950. It's a fascinating exhibition with an amazing accumulation of 100 works by 40 different artists. Classicism is defined as: 'the following of ancient Greek or Roman principles and style in art and literature, generally associated with harmony, restraint, and adherence to recognized standards of form and craftsmanship, especially from the Renaissance to the 18th century'.
There are some fabulous paintings in the exhibition, particular favourites are those by Edward Burra, Duncan Grant and William Roberts. There were a couple of strange labellings, in one case, there were books with illustrations by John Farleigh and Eric Gill, but only John Farleigh was mentioned. In another, by my least favourite painting, 'Psyche on the Styx', the backs of the oarsmen are described as 'fleshy' when they seem the opposite. Small perplexing points which didn't affect my overall enjoyment of the visit.
Photos couldn't be taken in the exhibition, but I did find a good shot of the birds at the front of the old building taken from the side in profile:

 The poster for the exhibition features 'The Day's End' by Ernest Procter.

And the book which accompanies the exhibition is well worth buying as well. The exhibition runs until 19 February 2017.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Beehive Top Bar

We are very lucky to be able to advertise Swindon Open Studios in the top bar of the Beehive. It's important to keep changing the paintings and making sure the information is up to date, and with this in mind, I've had a bit of a refresh there this week. Below you can see Carole Humphreys picture 'Arachne' on the left and Naomi Cantillon's on the right:
Below we have a piece on the left by Nicky Walker and Jane Milner-Barry on the right
There are 3 of Tim Carroll's prints from the 100 Views of Swindon series of paintings, including one of the Beehive on the left.

Above one of Caroline Day's lino cuts of the bandstand, and another one top right in the photo below
Also in the photo above, Rachel Pryor's painting of Silbury Hill on the left, and Susan Carr's painting of the Bowl in the Old Town Gardens. We're excited to announce that Susan has recently been awarded a PhD, and currently has her PhD show at Sarum College Salisbury until 26 November which I'm hoping to visit soon.

Walking to Cricklade

It's great to visit places on foot, and then get the bus back, it's possible to walk to Avebury and on to Devizes, Marlborough and Brinkworth along fairly good routes, however the walk to Cricklade wasn't as easy. Having walked to Mouldon Hill, the disused railway line goes to directly to Cricklade, and should be easy to walk along if it weren't for the Blunsdon railway, which is obviously a fine organisation giving pleasure to many. It does mean that a large part of the route to Cricklade has to be made along B roads with fast traffic along them.
This spindle tree was gorgeous, and opposite Crosslanes Farm there were lovely apple trees

and a fabulous oak tree
It was a great relief when we reached the Cycle route 45 at Dudgemore Farm which took us along a decommissioned part of the old railway and into Cricklade

Although the trip was given as 9.3 miles on Google, we made it in two and a half hours, probably because we hurried along the roads.

Autumn Colour at Batsford Arboretum

Last Sunday morning was perfect for an autumnal visit to Batsford Arboretum it's an easy drive up to Moreton-in-Marsh from Swindon, then take a left in the centre of the town, and Batsford is on your right. One of the first things which caught my attention was this Clerodendron trichotomum var fargesii with its bright pink and blue fruits.
There was a gorgeous Euonymous oxyphllus but the photos didn't show the beauty of it.
The Acers had lost lots of their leaves, but were still making a wonderful show:
Above a browny coloured one, and below bright red ones:

I like the trunks appearing with the red leaves

The combination of colours was beautiful
Below a Hydrangea paniculata 'Kyushu' looking particularly stunning, planted in 2014, the bed has come on really well.
Lovely pink berries on this Prunus
Despite the frost, these castor oil type plants were still looking very vigorous

A lovely example of  Cornus controversa or wedding cake tree below, maybe
Below this lovely plant was flowering despite parts of it having been affected by frost, it's a Phytolacca acinosa or Indian pokeweed
On the way out, I saw a perfectly preserved Acer which had almost all its leaves intact.
As we went into a wonderful lunch, the clouds gathered.

Delivering Paintings to Imaginiation in Bath

On a glorious day recently, Tim Carroll delivered some paintings to the beautiful Imagianation Gallery in Bath. We'd usually travel by train to Bath, but delivering paintings meant we needed the car, having dropped them off at the gallery, we found a convenient car park by the cricket ground, and headed to the Victoria Art Gallery along North Parade Road, passing the lovely toll houses on the way.
The one on the right, seen here from below, had a sign in the window in the door, as we went to have a look, we were encouraged to enter by the person inside who has just been busy painting the interior several shades of grey. It's a fascinating space, on three floors with another huge area available under the road, and can be hired soon, unfortunately I've lost the details, so can't say any more here!
Walking along beside the river towards Pulteney Bridge, I took a few photos looking forward and backwards
We then went into the Victoria Art Gallery to look at the Kenneth Armitage exhibition which runs until 27th November, it's a fabulous exhibition with lots of pieces of sculpture and some paintings. While we were there, I also went to look at the permanent collection and on the way out this collection of pottery and porcelain dogs caught my eye.

Aren't they fabulous?

On the way out, looking down the river, the trees with lots of leaves left despite the fact it was early November just had to be captured on camera.
I'll look up the gallery on North Parade Road next time I visit.