Monday, 2 January 2017

Admiring Winter Sunrises, and Chasing Sunsets

At this time of year, it's relatively easy to see sunrises, this morning the sun was rising just as I opened the bedroom curtains at 8.13am, and the sun has just set at 4.10pm.
The sunset this evening is lingering and someone somewhere is getting a fabulous view of the sunset, sometimes I like to go chasing the sunset to get a good photo of it. Sunrises are easy to see from the back of the house, sunsets not at all easy.
I've collected a few photos of sunrises and sunsets, it's amazing how different they are, which led me to believe that there must be a scientific explanation for sunsets and sunrises seeming to be different at different times of year, and in different parts of the world. There are some amazing sunsets to be seen on the west coast of this country, and in France, and according to this article: also in the tropics, and in winter in this country.
Here are some recent sunrises with dates:
 Above 7 December at 7.42am, and below 14 December at 7.53am
 This one was taken at 7.56am on 21 December
 and this one at 7.50am on the 23 December
and this one at on the 30 December:
and onto a few sunsets:
 I walked for half an hour from the centre of Portishead on Boxing Day to try and get a good photo. The sun was setting at 4.04pm, and I managed to get to the edge of town just in time to get this lovely view.
 This one above was taken from the bathroom window on 27 December at 4.23pm, and this one below from the canal bridge in Milton Road in the centre of Swindon on 29 December at 3.47pm
I also did try a bit of sunset chasing in Wichelstow last Friday between 3.40pm and 3.56pm after which the sun disappeared.
 Above and below were taken from the old railway track
 The next ones were taken beside the canal in Wichelstow:

Lovely sky colour. I'm on the look out for a good place to photograph sunsets in Swindon. Any ideas?
I think I have the answer to this question, if I open my shower window and look out of that, if there's a spectacular sunset, I get some good photos through the lovely trees. This is Tuesday's sunset, from the shower room:
 and from the bedroom window, facing south
 There was an amazing sunset yesterday, 5 January, but I didn't manage to get any photos.

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