Sunday, 22 January 2017

An Amazing Dawn

Last Saturday, the first glimpses of dawn were a bit disappointing, but it certainly improved as time went on. It's interesting that dawn can start looking good, like this morning, and then tail off in mist, but this one on the 14 January was magnificent.
Having taken photos on my phone, I've got the times which I'll include:
  These two were taken at 7.26, and although they were rosy, they didn't look as though the sunrise was going to be spectacular in any way.
When I looked again at 7.53, there was more colour
 Another 7.53 photo
 Below 7.57
 and I had a break from looking, and this was 8.18 as the sun peeped through and it was all over.
Not all over, but the sun had risen and the day began.

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