Friday, 27 January 2017

Beautiful Sunshine for Wassailing at Twigs

The first event of the year at Twigs Community Garden was their wassailing last Saturday on a brilliantly sunny day. People flocked to the garden for the wassail, when I arrived there were lots of people enjoying being outside in the sun, and waiting for proceedings to begin.
  We were encouraged to follow the Butler and the Lady of the Manor, and the Icknield Morris Men around the garden banging pans and making lots of noise, as is the custom to scare away evil spirits, until they reached an apple tree where the ceremony of blessing the tree began.
 Above the Morris Men around the chosen tree, and below the Morris Men doing a bit of dancing watched by people, sadly I was at the back!!
 Here I have a glimpse of proceedings!
 and below I managed to catch handkerchiefs mid air
 I tried holding the camera higher
 and a close up at last of an accordion
 Here are the pieces of toast soaked in apple juice hanging on the tree
 I didn't manage to get a photo of The Butler with the Lady of the Manor, but here he is with someone else
I was also impressed with the amount of mistletoe on the apple tree
 here's a close up of the mistletoe with lovely white berries
 having danced around the apple tree, the Morris Men continued dancing by the office in a surprisingly small area.
Having just looked at the Icknield Morris Men's Facebook page, I have copied their photo of The Butler and Lady of the Manor:
Next event at Twigs is a Snowdrop and Soup Day on Sunday 12 February from 11am-3pm.

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