Friday, 27 January 2017

Switch On To Swindon Event at Audi

On Tuesday evening, an event to celebrate Swindon, and spread the word about the advantages of living, working and visiting here.
More than 300 people from businesses, and those interested in promoting Swindon, came along to find out more about the initiative, Switch on to Swindon, promoted by Influence, Chair of Influence, Nicky Alberry said:
“We looked at what cities like Coventry, Hull and Doncaster have done in terms of galvanising everybody’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the town to produce what we’re now calling a place marketing campaign,”
 I was again at the back of the crowds, peeping through them you can see the logo above, and below masses of people looking at the screen.
 More backs!
 Below Nicky Alberry introducing the evening
 and Jo Miller, Chief Executive of  Doncaster Council talked about their scheme entitled We Are Doncaster, it encourages people to have a positive image of Doncaster and appreciate what's good about it, also to create jobs and turn the place around so everyone thrives there.
I thought I'd taken a photo of Jo Miller but I hadn't and then found a great Guardian article on Jo, and Doncaster which certainly sounds as though it's had its challenges
. There are some lovely photos of the evening here:
Above the hosts Audi, put one of their bosses on the stage to talk, and below, Councillor David Renard, Leader of the Council talked about the scheme as well
This was followed by a moving video from Create Studios :

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