Saturday, 11 February 2017

Christopher Le Brun Coming to Swindon this Wed 15.2.17

When you stand in front of a monumental painting, whether in size, or because of the effect it generates within, or both, it's fascinating to wonder how it came about, what the artist did subsequently, what motivated them at the time, and many other questions.
The Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery like to ponder these sort of questions as well, and if it's possible, they ask the artist to come and talk to them.
This is how Christopher Le Brun who painted 'Hyperion' which has been in the Swindon Collection of Twentieth Century British Art for the last 35 years was invited to come and do an 'in conversation' with Curator at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
Firstly here's the painting which measures over 2 metres square:
Since then Le Brun has been prolific on canvas, in bronze and print making. He has been President of the Royal Academy since 2011.
If you click on the Royal Academy link, you can find out lots more about him.
I think it will be a great event, so here are the particulars:

It's at Swindon Dance, Town Hall, Regent Circus, SN1 1QF parking at Morrisons car park across the way from the Town Hall, or it's 10 minutes walk from Swindon train station.

It starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 15 February.
Tickets cost £6 for members of the Friends, and £8 if you haven't yet joined.

You can buy tickets at the museum until 3pm today, Sat 11.2.17, or online at
or on the door on the night.
The dance studio seats 98, so there should be room for everyone.

On a visit to Roche Court last year, I particularly loved these Le Brun sculptures:
'Union - Horse with 2 Discs', seen below, appears in a slightly different form outside the British Museum, it was on their website, but they have changed the front page now.

While looking for the British Museum page, I discovered Le Brun had also designed a 50p piece in 2009, celebrating Kew Gardens, it's a view of the Pagoda. He says:
"Like the London Red Bus, the Kew Gardens pagoda is an instantly recognisable symbol and rather to be cherished for that reason. So I decided not to resist such a strong image but rather to enjoy drawing it. The tower's identity and perpendicular clarity is very useful in a design. I had the idea early on that plants should twine around and grow up through the tower."
Come and hear him talk on Wednesday.

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