Sunday, 19 February 2017

Cotswold Farm Snowdrops

Cotswold Farm at Duntisbourne Abbots near Cirencester is arguably one of the finest places to see snowdrops in the area. The garden is beautifully designed and last Monday the sun shone brightly on the south facing garden. This is what the website says:
'Cotswold Farm has a fascinating, family friendly Cotswold garden, overlooking a quiet valley on descending levels with the Terrace designed by Norman Jewson. The Snowdrop Collection was begun in the 1930’s and further developed by Ruth Birchall in the 1980’s and 90’s, now boasting 62 varieties. There are many named snowdrops in the borders and swathes of naturalised snowdrops in the woods and along the woodland paths. A Winter Step Garden with scents and textures leads down to the Bog Garden. Hellebores, cornus, aconites, cyclamen, crocus and sarcococca abound'
I took plenty of photos and would encourage you to visit, it's open on Monday 20 and 27 February 11am-3pm, entrance fee £5 and there are some named snowdrops for sale and aconites.
 I love the differences between varieties of snowdrops, I think this one below is Galanthus Daglingworth
 and this one is G. Mary Biddulph, Mary gardened at Rodmarton Manor, and encouraged her cousin Lady Elwes at Colesbourne Park to take an interest in snowdrops.
 Below this is G.Greatorex
 Below a clump of G.Colossus, lovely large snowdrops as the name suggests. I bought one of these.
 On the way down to the bog garden, there's a series of very impressive,clipped box hedges
 Below a view of the field beside the bog garden
 and the bog garden looking a bit shaded and so hard to appreciate:
 More clumps of snowdrops:
 The glorious Leucojum Vernum which look like special snowdrops
Walking up from the bog garden, past the waterfall and lovely stone building, there are masses of snowdrops on the bank

 And under a tree very near the house, there was a carpet of aconites
 and a lovely clump of G. Backhouse nearby
 I didn't take any photos of the woodland walk with carpets of different varieties of snowdrops.
There are 2 days left to see this lovely collection of snowdrops in a beautiful setting.

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