Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Welford Park Snowdrops and Plant Fair

Welford Park was mentioned to me recently as one of the best places to visit in the area to see snowdrops, how many other places compete for that? It's not a question of competition of course, but enjoying all the places with snowdrop collections, they are all glorious in subtly different ways often.
Last Thursday 23 February the garden was open and there was an added excitement of a Plant Fair, and challenging weather conditions in the form of Storm Doris which blew hard all day, and caused mini whirlwind storms throughout the park. It is a beautiful place to visit, only a short distance from Swindon, northwest of Newbury, and open only this week from Weds 1 March- Sunday 5 March from 11am-4pm before closing until the Boxford Basques when it opens between 26-30July, and then closes until next spring's snowdrop event.
I tried to capture the snowdrops in their profusion in the woods, but it wasn't easy, the best way to describe them is they are like bluebell woods with snowdrops instead of bluebells.

 I took lots of photos, but they all look a bit the same!!
 You can see there are carpets of snowdrops

 There are chalk streams running through the woods:
 and suddenly as we went to look round the garden beside the house where there were lots of different varieties of snowdrops, sadly not named, the sun came out, and everything looks much better
 This was a lovely snowdrop, Galanthus Green Comet?:
 A bunch of those pearl like snowdrops which don't open very much
 We had a look at the church, rebuilt in the 19th Century, St Gregory's church is one of two in the country with a round tower and large spire, many of the ancient interior artefacts remain.
 By late afternoon, it looked glorious in the sun
 and here's a photo of the lovely door.
Five days left to visit and see the snowdrops this year!!

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