Thursday, 30 March 2017

Elements of Avebury

Elements of Avebury opened on 18 March with a great gathering of artists, friends and family in the shop, it a fabulous place, situated right opposite the Red Lion and in the centre of the stone circle. There was a very warm welcome as always from Donna who has set up, renovated and generally go the place up and running. If you click on the Elements of Avebury link, you can see the opening hours and courses they are running. Below is a view from the upstairs back window, there's a lovely back garden and the stones beyond.
Which Swindon artists might you see displaying their work? As you can see here, Tim Carroll has a shelf in a rotating cabinet for  some of his ceramic pieces.
Caroline Day, seen here below with her painting of hydrangeas in the window, in the dark also has lots of paintings and prints for sale.
I was coming down with a cold and not feeling too good, so I haven't got photos of Jacquie Primrose with her wonderful garden mosaics, or Lynette Thomas with her Avebury inspired pieces.
I was also very pleased I'd found a twirling ring which fitted, I'm looking forward to being bale to wear it tomorrow since it's a birthday present. If you're a 'ring person' and I am, do check out their rings.

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