Sunday, 23 April 2017

Framing Original Artworks

Last Friday's meeting of the open studios committee was taken over by framing the original artworks donated for the Lottery we're holding at the Arts Centre during the Swindon Festival of Literature which runs from 1May until 13 May. There's lots happening on 1 May, Bank Holiday Monday, including the fabulous Dawn Chorus, starting at 5.30am, but the first Arts Centre event is on 2 May when you'll be able to see the wonderful works of art you can win, and buy Lottery tickets
For various reasons, only three members of the committee were able to work on the framing, Susan Carr and Nancy Elliott can be seen below working as a team on the framing:
It took a while, but we got almost everything framed, there were 53 pieces framed, and Jo McAree's ceramic piece which couldn't be framed. Keith Panting's plate couldn't be framed either, but I photographed that and framed the photograph!!
 I was keen to lay out the framed pieces on the table, and did so quite hurriedly, it's not really possible to see the pieces clearly, but you get the idea that they are really lovely. For those following the plate, it's top left on the photo below:
Susan was kind enough to bring Terry Humphries original artwork along to the framing, it's a gorgeous painting:
Susan also produced a great poster advertising the lottery with explanations of how to take part, she's used Kareen Jackson's bold artwork which really draws attention to the poster:

 Hopefully it explains clearly what to do, and we'll raise lots of money for the wonderful TWIGS who had such a successful open day today.
The draw will be held after the last event at the Arts Centre on 13 April, and winners of the 53 artworks will be notified as soon as possible. I will post a list of winners on the open studios website
and on here.

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