Friday, 21 April 2017

Primulas in Profusion

If I like a particular variety of plant, I like to get lots of different sorts of those plants. This spring I realised I have been buying lots of different sorts of Primulas, Rare Plant Fairs are fabulous for this, they have so many different sorts. I also find I buy the same ones twice, forgetting I already have them. Often plants at plant fairs are slightly ahead of what's flowering in the garden because they may have been grown under cover, and it's only when mine flower I realise I already fell in love with them last year. It's been a while since it rained, so my Primulas are now definitely past their best, but this is what they looked like a week or so ago:
 Above a wild sort of Primrose growing very well in my rich garden soil, below a Cowslip

Above Primula Avondale: Irish Primrose, the Biking Gardener has written a whole blogpost on that Primrose, well worth a look. The one below I bought this year and last year, it's called Hall Barn Blue
 Below is a very dark leaved Primula with a distinctive yellow stripe down the flowers called Primula vulgaris Dark Rosaleen
 And this one below is one of those gorgeous silver laced Primulas
 This one below is I think an Oxlip, it was in my garden over 35 years ago, and I've moved it three times since then with great success
 Below a double Primula, a very pale pink colour
 and another Avondale
 Below Primula veris Sunset shades, a beautifully scented cowslip flowered dark red colour, bought last year as well.
 This one was bought at the Westonbirt plant sale is Primula Don Keefe
 below is Primula Moerheimii very small so far
I've also bought Primula Port wine and Primula Barnhaven Cowichan seen together on a bench before being planted out.
And last but not least, the exuberant Primula Johanna:
Amazing really how many different delightful Primulas there are to collect.

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