Friday, 21 April 2017

Quenington Rare Plant Fair

The third Rare Plant Fair was held at the Old Rectory in Quenington a couple of weeks ago, it was attended by crowds of people, with a tremendous selection of nurseries attending and a great selection of plants. A sculpture exhibition is held in the gardens every other year, and there's always a lovely selection of sculpture to see.
This year there was a fountain sculpture in the river
 Lots of lovely anenomes
 I loved this boar
 I took a few photos of the stalls

 I particularly like the swimmer in the lawn:
and over the road, the church has particularly fine carvings around the doors:
 and the cherry blossom was glorious.
There's a bit of a gap between fairs, the next one is 14 May in Birmingham, my next one though will be 28 May at Kingston Bagpuize House.

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