Saturday, 8 April 2017

Weird Wiltshire Exhibition

Last Saturday evening, over 100 people turned up to the Richard Jefferies Museum to the opening night of an exhibition organised by Lynette Thomas and Robert Von Grey with the intruiging title of Weird Wiltshire. The exhibition inspired 60 artists to produce some fabulous work displayed in the gallery and many other walls in the museum. I looked round the exhibition and took a few photos before we were called outside by Mike Pringle to welcome and thank everyone for contributing to the exhibition and to introduce Jamie Bullock as exhibitions' organiser.
The first painting is arresting, it's of Julian Cope but I'm not sure who painted it because the picture is placed over a doorway and it was difficult to photograph the label
 Below a lovely series of birds
Above Suxie Simmons' birds are a delight and Bee Operanto's 'Magic of Midnight' painting is very exciting.

The piece above was magical and needed photographing so you could see all its parts, sadly it has the lampshade reflection in it, Emily Wang created it. Below, I loved 'Crop Circles' by Sue Bardwell

 The piece above by Alex Coppock-Bunce really needs seeing in the exhibition, without the reflection of Elmar Rubio's photos on the computer screen. They were fabulous though. Alex's piece is the white horse at Uffington, the explanation is needed. Below one of Tim Carroll's green men looked the part on a piece of Wiltshire wood
 We were encouraged to go outside at sunset
 where Mike Pringle talked about his massive figure of George 1 and how they were often seen in Wiltshire, they're traditional, but what are they called?

 Here's Jamie Bullock talking about the exhibition, it was good to go inside because the midges were certainly biting by this point
 and inside to the entertaining Les Bicyclettes performing some of the White Horses of Wiltshire
 sadly the lighting wasn't good, you can just about see Robart Stredder in the hat introducing things above, and then better lighting for Jackie Bardwell's dancing with a ribbon

 and then it's only just possible to see Jackie riding a white horse:
 and then being a horse, a phenomenally good show. I saw them a couple of years ago performing in the Beehive and took some better photos then.
Eddie Cooke also sang a suitably themed song energetically, I had a look at Lynette Thomas's photos and found she has fabulous ones. I hope she doesn't mind my including this one of Eddie playing among the horses::
The poster for the exhibition is below:
As to when you can go and look at the exhibition,the opening times between weekends are a bit uncertain, have a look at the Facebook page to see if there's any more information.

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