Monday, 29 May 2017

Grittleton House Plant and Food Fair

The Grittleton House Food and Plant Fair which raised money for Action research, was held yesterday, and proved to be a fabulous day out, with excellent plant  and craft stalls, a hog roast and a huge range of cakes in the dining room. I was very surprised to find we could wander around the downstairs and first floor of the building, it's a fabulous interior. Thinking I could find out lots of information about the interior, I was a bit disappointed to find it's mainly advertised as a wedding venue, with little explanation of the interior. The Wikipedia entry is reasonably helpful regarding the architecture. Like many large houses, a house existed on the site in the sixteenth century, but was demolished and rebuilt in the mid 1800s.
It was a beautiful day yesterday, and on arrival I was struck by how lovely the these windows were, it's slightly odd that a swimming pool has been installed in what was probably an orangery.
 Here's a view of the side of the area.
 Wonderful stalls on the lawn
 You can see it's ornate and rather grand
 More stalls
 When we went into the house, it was hard to keep the camera in my bag, there was so much to look at. The first room we went in was circular with a beautiful ceiling and
 a lovely floor, very worn away by many feet of schoolchildren who must have walked over it over the years. Grittleton closed as a school in 2016.
the lighting fixtures are absolutely fantastic, just the sort of thing I would have liked to find for myself.
It's a bit difficult to see this one, everything looks like shabby chic in the nicest possible way.
Here's a better view of the skylight
and just look at this light fitting!!
A view of the first floor
another skylight
At the top of the stairs, there's an interesting window, used as a model shoot on one website.
Looking down from above, this hallway has wonderful marble tiles arranged in a wonderful pattern
A stunning stained glass window
Another of the amazing ceilings and light fittings.
On the way out, I bought some Presshead organic cider which won't last long!

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