Monday, 29 May 2017

Handing Over Money Raised in the Lottery to Twigs

Last Sunday Twigs gardens were open for the National Garden Scheme, being only one of two gardens hold this honour in Swindon, I thought it would be a good day to hand over the money we raised for them during the Original Art Lottery held on the landing at the Arts Centre during the Swindon Festival of Literature. Festival Director, Matt Holland, kindly reminded people to buy tickets during the festival for a chance to win one of the 52 artworks, and we raised £500.
Two committee members are seen below handing over the £500 cheque to Alan Holland, Twigs co-ordinator. The Adver article which appeared on Friday was lovely, the link is here.
You can also see how much better a photograph is when taken by a press photographer.
Having handed over the cheque, Jane and I wandered round the gardens, the weather was variable and not very sunny, so photos are a bit dull.
I was pleased to see the pond had some water in it, in contrast with my last visit about a month previously when it was just a muddy swamp. Below a photo of the wild part of the garden.
I thought I'd try and get a good photo of the metal poppy sculpture, I think the foliage has grown up since I last tried to do this, it was difficult to see their profile.
Then the sun came out and they looked good among the greeenery

Above and below some sempervivums nicely displayed in the The Path of Life garden.
I love the structure below at the end of the Path of Life Garden, the roses smell wonderful.
And then on the way out, this clematis on a fence around the Olive Tree cafe garden was just fabulous.
Do visit the website to find out more about when you can visit Twigs, there are open days on
  • 25 June TWIGSfest 11 am -4 pm
  • 23 July NGS Day 1-5 pm ; the plant sales are fabulous, £2 each or 6 for £10 for well grown, lovely perennials.

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