Sunday, 7 May 2017

How to Enter the Original Art Lottery

For the duration of the Swindon Festival of Literature we have original artworks, donated by Swindon Open Studios artists, and other very kind artists who are not taking part in SOS this year, displayed on the landing at the Swindon Arts Centre in Devizes Road. Festival Director Matt Holland has kindly allowed us to hold this Lottery during the Festival and is actively promoting it at the end of the talks.We are inviting people to enter the Lottery to enable them to have a chance of winning one of the artworks, and support the fabulous Twigs gardens beside Cheney Manor Garden Centre. I've copied a piece from their website:

'TWIGS Community Gardens are a colourful and vibrant set of gardens in the heart of Swindon. They are managed by TWIGS as a resource to give people who experience mental health problems the chance to regain confidence, self-esteem and to learn new skills. The gardens provide plenty of different ideas to take home to your own garden, along with plants and craft goods to enhance it.'

Lots of people have bought lottery tickets already, but if you haven't, here how to do it:
You will find small pay packet envelopes on the landing, and downstairs in reception, or you could use your own, if you can't get to the arts centre.
 I hope these instructions make sense:
 You put as many details about yourself as possible on the envelope before putting money in there so when you win you can be notified.
Having completed your envelope, you need to put it in the posting box in the reception area downstairs:
 You can see the box behind the reception desk, and below a close up of the box
The draw will take place on the last day of the festival, and a list of names of those who have won will appear here and on the website.
If you would like to take part in the Lottery and don't live nearby, or can't visit the Arts Centre, then please visit the Swindon Open Studios website for an address to send a cheque, made payable to Swindon Open Studios to enter.
I've got a few photos of the boards onto which the artworks are screwed being attached to the walls to give you an idea what they look like.
 Above and below Rachel and Tim fixing the boards to the wall
 another one about to go up
 And then some photos of the boards themselves

Everyone who enters has quite a good chance of winning.
Here's the poster adverting the Lottery:
I hope you can help make this a great success, and raise lots of money for the TWIGS

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