Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lottery Winners

Some of you may know we held an Original Artwork Lottery during Swindon Festival of Literature with 52 artworks donated by artists taking part in open studios, and some not taking part this year, but keen to support Twigs.
Last Saturday, Councillor Jane Milner-Barry took time off from door knocking and leaflet delivery, along with committee member Nancy Elliott, to help convert money in envelopes into raffle tickets which we then drew out of a hat. Here they are, working hard with biscuits:
 We raised a fabulous £500 for Twigs which I'm hoping to present to Alan Holland at the NGS open day on Sunday 21 May 1-5pm. I compiled a list of the winners, and mostly was able to say whose work they had won, the winner appears on the left, and the artist whose work they won on the right. As you can see, frustratingly some people won more than one artwork, and we didn't win anything!!
Lottery Winners
Carole New x2 – Terry Humphries, Deb Battaglia
Kathy Geddes x 3 – Cheryl Willis x2, Lisa Lane,
Kathleen Elliott -Carmen B Norris
Angela Atkinson- Caroline Day
Jenny Hughes x2 – Paula Sullivan, Alex Coppock-Bunce
Lesley Gow – Rachel Pryor
Sophie Cummings – Vanetta Joffe
Marilyn Roberts – Tim Carroll
Louisa Davison – Vicky Silver
Ida Walker – Vanetta Joffe
Adele Merrison Keith Panting’s plate
Linda Kocur – Bee Operanto
April Nobes – Rupert Aker
Ben Cavanna x3 – Jill Carter, Marilyn Trew, Rosie Leather
Kate Brailsford – Dee Levy
Jane Rodborn – Susan Carr
Ben Staite x2 – Anne B, Sally Thain
Terry Brown – Kate Parsons
Alison Onslow – C Dunn
Mary Holder- Naomi Cantillon
Jack Bryniarski – Cheryl Willis
Anna Hirsch-Holland x2 Jo Mc Aree, Sue Bardwell
Jill Backle – Cheryl Willis
Rosie Baylies – Kareen Jackson
Suzanne Bullimore – David Bent
Debbie Irens – Anthea Hilson
Adam Bartoszewski x2 – David Robinson, Mollie Gratland
Stan Pajak – Jennifer Howells
Marion Paul – Sonia Leggett
S Hayward x2 – Vanetta Joffe, John Maskalaniec
Rachel Pryor – Beverley Anderson
Marilyn Trew – Jennie Anderson
Martyn Cook – Tim Carroll
Christine Hardisty x2 – Sally Taylor, Hannah Dosanjh
Mr and Mrs Ellis – Ruth Wintle
Avril Brown – Sarah Purvey
Dona Bradley – Rachel Pryor
Andrew Yeoward – Sue Pready
Tracy White – Karen Holman
Rebecca Campbell – Val Gibbons
The artworks have all been wrapped up, and are now gradually being delivered. To speed up the process, please email to arrange collection.
Here's a reminder of the artworks:

Thank you to all those who took part and donated so generously to Twigs, and to Matt Holland for tirelessly reminding people to buy a tcket.


  1. Oh!!! I won one! How FABULOUS! Thank you.

  2. Yes really pleased you won one, I think I should post it to you. xx

    1. No. Don't. We'll meet up. I'll be in town in the week if that's any good to you? Wednesday afternoon? xx

    2. Have grandkids this week Tuesday-Thursday, so don't know where we'll be. xx