Monday, 1 May 2017

Twigs Spring Open Day

Twigs open day was held last Sunday 23 April, from 11am-4pm, I'd gone for garden inspiration from their 'show gardens' as I like to call them, and also to buy plants and meet up with friends.
Plants were selling fast so I went for the 6 plants for £10 option, choosing 12 rather than 6, before looking at anything else.
 Above the plant sales area, and below a lovely bed with a woven fence around it, which I don't remember seeing before.
 There's a lovely wild area which has lots of nectar rich flowers for bees
 and as we know, it's been a very dry winter and especially dry April, the pond which has  a notice warning of deep water was little more than a slightly damp area.
 A lovely pot planted with tulips below
 Some frilly edged tulips
 One of the gardens below
 Kids activities  which seemed to be keeping them occupied
 Below Euphorbia Fireglow looking amazingly wonderful, everyone says it's easy to grow, but mine has yet to establish properly.

 Above some bunting looking lovely in the garden, and below an Auricula theatre with various 
different flowering plants in it.
 There are also some happy hens
 Refreshments and entertainment in the courtyard
 If you visit their website, you can see Twigs is a resource for people experiencing mental health problems, to give them confidence to move on wiht their lives.
Twigs is our chosen charity for the Original Art Lottery being held at the Arts Centre during the Swindon Festival of Literature.
 Here's a copy of the poster which explains prices etc:
Please buy lots of tickets so we can raise lots of money for this wonderful charity.

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