Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

 The garden was created by Elizabeth Fox-Strangeways in 1765 as a kitchen garden for her nearby castle. It has developed since then into a 30 acre garden filled with rare and exotic plants.
Abbotsbury Subtopical Gardens apart from being an RHS partner garden and an award winning garden, has been described by Alan Titchmarsh as 'one of the finest gardens I have ever visited'
High accolades and I wasn't disappointed, it's a fabulous garden.
This was the first view of the garden:
There was a great selection of mature perennials
and beautifully trained honeysuckle
Shrubby clematis
beautiful Alliums
and Iris
If you look through the trees, you can just see St Catherine's Chapel, a 14th century, it once held a beacon that was lit to ward off sailors from the treacherous Chesil beach.

Below is the pocket handkerchief tree, it's not easy to see the white leaves.

There was a chain link bridge over a stream
with subtropical foliage around it
Huge Echiums
Carp filled pools with food to feed them
A perfect Aeonium
and this fabulous Chilean Puya Alpestris
At some stage I was surprised to hear the sounds of a beach, not realising quite how close Chesil Beach was to the  garden.
It was glorious to walk along the beach after the delights of the garden.
When I got home, I discovered I had 3 small rounded pebbles in my socks.

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