Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Montacute is a small village 4 miles west of Yeovil with a population of 831. At the centre of the village is a large square around which are grouped cottages and a pub, The Phelips Arms, all built in the local hamstone There's a second pub and hotel called the Kings Arms. There's also a medieval church and a conically acute hill dominating the village to the west called St Michael's Hill.
We stayed in Montacute museum which was situated almost adjacent to the Phelips Arms and a great location from which to visit gardens and of course climb the hill. Be warned though if you visit Montacute, despite its small population, the 2 pubs get booked up; the first night we were unable to eat at either place.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Montacute House, we had a guided tour of the house and gardens, and I took a few photos:
This piece of glass was beautiful, and had at some stage been discarded. It displays the coat of arms, and there's a fascinating story behind it.
There's a fascinating tapestry
and glorious old coloured glass
So beautiful
I love the slightly different colours of the glasses. Montacute House has been linked to the National Portrait Gallery for 40 years, they have a remarkable exhibition of portraits in the long gallery at the top of the house
In the garden there were some lovely structures
and gate houses, in this one a visitor had amazing dropped a can of fizzy pop.
Montacute village, it's surroundings and Montacute House are well worth a visit.

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