Sunday, 16 July 2017

Simone Dawood's Open Studio

Simone Dawood is opening her studio as part of Marlborough Open Studios which takes place for the whole of July. I went along to her opening night on Friday 7 July, intending to put up this post that night in order to encourage you to visit her open studio.
Simone's studio in Bushton is open today, and next weekend, so there is still time to visit. There's a large sign outside, indicating she's part of the Marlborough Open Studios art trail.
Simone's studio is set in the most glorious Wiltshire countryside near to Clyffe Pypard, with hills rising a field or so away:
 It's a lovely space, clearly labelled
 And Simone is very welcoming
 The evening gave everyone a chance to chat to each other, look round the garden
 and of course look inside the studio
 at the glorious Ridgeway landscapes
 It was hard to capture the paintings without someone in front of them, and I'm encouraging you to go and have a look this weekend, or next, so didn't want to photograph them too carefully anyway.
 And a few more
 I bought some cards so I can keep looking at my favourite paintings, you still have time to visit.

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